the ambiguous city

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Inhabiting the anthropocene

Pierre Huyghe – Streamside

“Streamside is a little town, north of New York. It was under construction when I found it, and I created—or invented—a tradition for it. I was interested in the notion of celebration, and what it means to celebrate. I tried to find a story within the context of the local situation, looking for what the people there had in common. I found something basic: they all came from somewhere else and encountered nature. I invented a kind of score, a scripted program, and I filmed that—all these people traveling to experience what they think is wilderness. In fact, it’s a wilderness that’s a total construct, rebuilt by man for four hundred years. So, I started the film with a re-enactment of the beginning of Bambi, with the deer going from nature to this new town. And then you have two little girls who go from the town to nature. And that is the basis of the tradition I created. But that’s not what really interested me. I was interested in creating a ritual that the people in the town would actually celebrate because it’s based on what they share.” – Pierre Huyghe

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