Notions From Foam

week-2-2week-2-22week-2-23Unexpectedly Necessary
uhn-ik-spek-tid-lee un-nes-uh-ser-ee
An object and/or process that is seemingly unimportant and inactive but becomes crucial to the reaction or process at hand
1. the coco butter in the bath bomb provided the element of fat that was unexpectedly necessary for the foam to occur as it protected the reaction from dissipating.
2. the bodies of water surrounding the city of Ottawa were unexpectedly necessary elements that have influenced the form of the city; all roads have been aligned in parallel or perpendicular to the water.
< English; unexpected meaning unforseen or surprising
< Middle English; necessarie
< Latin; necessaries meaning being essential, indispensable, or requisite

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Ottawa River Stewardship



“Gatineau to finally track sewer overflows into the Ottawa River” + interactive map

“Before now, Gatineau had a rudimentary system where an employee would check sewer outlets once a week to see if a little piece of floating wood in the sewer had moved, signalling there had been an overflow.”