Ottawa-Gatineau Nodes



Mapping Hypothesis

Following this trend, we can transmute the foam into other regions that will allow certain zones to develop, increase the saturation of influential factors and assume an influx of people. It is the year of the millennials and people are always connected to a network of communication, where in an instant, we have direct communication at our fingertips. This pattern will accentuate to disengage from centralization and into a distributed metropolis network.

jl+jl+ot  week 2

Mapping Analysis


We are situated in a self-sufficient, ever-evolving foam within a centralized metropolis. Enclosed in the layers of bubbles, we overlook the potential growth in the surrounding regions. By extrapolating the collective data on a) agriculture and green space (green), b) diversity and languages (yellow), and c) network connectivity and hotspots of the Ottawa-Gatineau region(blue), the metropolis can disperse into a gradation of foams – creating a flow of movement to determine the current trend.


a)agriculture and green space (green),


b) diversity and languages (yellow), and


c) network connectivity and hotspots of the Ottawa-Gatineau region(blue)

jl+jl+ot Week2