Technology made durable analysis

Part 1

When analysing an object and its progress, Bruno Lotour states that one cannot just look at the social relations (human relations) or technical relations (non-human-relations) of that object individually. Rather one must combine the human and non-human aspects of the object into a chain, and it is through this chain (of human and non-human relations) that one can begin to better understand the objects translation or evolution (whether that be forwards or backwards). As a result of this chain one comes to the essence of the object and seeing if the object has become more successful. The success of the object can be seen by asking the question has a human replaced a non-human or has a non-human replaced a human.

Part 2

Trajectory or translation?

Form or Content?

Social content or technical content?

Realistic or unrealistic?

Local or global?

Slow or fast?




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